There exist many services that provide car drivers with the information on traffic and road works. It’s an interesting concept - to provide info about specific locations. But what if we go further? What if we give nearby people the ability to share info, share their thoughts, ask questions? Doesn’t matter where and why. Live conversations with people next to you.

What it does

Our user simply has to register via Facebook from where we get his name and userpic. We show local map and “Talks” of other users. You can read them and discuss them with users nearby, or write your own “talk”

How we built it

To follow the traditions of hackathons, we tried to develop this project over the course of one working day. We started from scratch and already had a working prototype in 24 hours.

The whole project was developed during the course of one day and a couple of evenings of free time. Native app for iOS was built on Swift using sdk TomTom Maps and Facebook. Backend was built on Go & mongodb.

Next steps

1) Stimulate users to produce content: ranking system, likes, achievements 2) Increase Customer Retention: Push-notifications about new talks and replies 3) New feature: posting photos 4) More platforms: Android and Web

Built With

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