We are inspired by the #talkpay movement, which promotes equal salary wages through bringing attention to the increasing wage gap. With this in mind, we encourage transparent conversations regarding salary and advocate for equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity, affiliations (ie. religion) and/or background.

What it does

Our application is built with the hopes of providing our users with insights on salary for companies of their choice. The user is able to (1) browse and filter their content to gather insights, as well as (2) share their demographic information and salary. To ensure that all submissions are valid, we have configured AWS Cognito for users to register and verify their email.

Dataset collected through Facebook group-- Hackathon Hackers:

How I built it

We utilized the Angular framework and Ionic to make our application cross-platform. We also used NodeJS and Amazon Web Services DynamoDB for our database. In addition to this, we used Amazon Web Services Cognito to manage our user authentication, while also ensuring that all submissions are truly anonymous. Our data visualizations are generated by chart.js & Angular2 Charts.

Challenges I ran into

Cleaning up the dataset available to us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built an end to end app and we made it to the end!

What I learned

We learned how NodeJS works, AWS DynamoDB and Cognito in Javascript (instead of Java), Angular, and Ionic3 to make things cross platform!

What's next for #talkpay

There's lots more to be built out! We've only been able to capture the proof of concept, but we hope to capture and give more in depth analysis of the information we have. We should also be validating this to see how this app can best serve our target users in situations like salary negotiations etc. On a technical aspect, during registration, we would like to add another verification to ensure that the user's email is a valid company's email.

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