In these Covid-19 times, most of the classes and meetings happen online, and even though there are apps like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Students as well as the teachers don't get the feel of a classroom, which can hamper the learning experience in some way, as students might not feel motivated enough to attend an online class. Talko application provides an infrastructure for students to experience a totally virtually classroom equipped with useful recources, where they can attend online meetings at the same time mingle around Talko 3d metaverse with their classmates, just like a real classroom.

What it does

Talko combines video calling with fun features in a custom 3D metaverse world, making it more spontaneous and enjoyable to get together for work, life, or play. Talko is a classroom in Virtual Reality that helps people from all over the globe connect and take online classes in a much more immersive and interactive way. It comes with all the tools that students normally use in a classroom and more. Talko can also be used as your own alone work space. Talko also comes with immersive 3d metaverse that helps you learn and connect in class through the day!


Talko video call

  • Is 100% Free

  • No download, plug-in or login required, entirely browser based

  • Unlimited number of conference rooms without call time limitation

  • Possibility to Lock/Unlock the Room for the meeting

  • Desktop and Mobile compatible

  • Optimized Room URL Sharing (share it to your participants, wait them to join)

  • Webcam Streaming (Front - Rear for mobile)

  • Audio Streaming crystal clear

  • Screen Sharing to present documents, slides, and more...

  • File Sharing, share any files to your participants in the room

  • Select Audio Input - Output && Video source

  • Ability to set video quality up to 4K and adapt the FPS

  • Recording your Screen, Audio and Video

  • Chat with Emoji Picker & Private messages & Save the conversations

  • Advance collaborative whiteboard for the teachers

  • Share any YouTube video in real time

  • Start a tetris game in waiting your participants :)

  • Full Screen Mode on mouse click on the Video element

  • Possibility to Change UI Themes

  • Right-click on the Video elements for more options

  • Direct peer-to-peer connection ensures the lowest latency thanks to WebRTC

  • Metaverse plugin

Talko Metaverse

  • Webcam streaming on 3d avatar face

  • Multiple AR scenes (Classroom, office, conference room etc.)

  • Immersive video streaming on 3d television

  • Immersive sound experience

How we built it

We used A-Frame to build the Augmented reality platform on HTML5 using Glitch as the coding environment. We used WebRTC to powered up Talko video calling application using google Stun and numb Turn. Prettier is used for code styling. Networked a-frame is used to make Talko metaverse and socket io is utilized to make webcam streaming in Talko metaverse possible. Talko has been tested with Node version 12.X and 14.X and also rest API is used.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the backend was very challenging and did not yield much. And as beginners to all of the tech used, we had a hard time implementing the AR as well. We also have problems making the metaverse with networked a-frame and several technical problems from coding the video call feature on Glitch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fully functional AR application without any glitches! Also, we are proud of how much we accomplished during this time frame. We've learned about new APIs, programming languages such as three js and all of us didn't even know how to make a video call application before this! :) Lastly, we are happy that Talko get thousands of teachers and students to use AR in their online classrooms and also taking online learning to another level. 🚀 Engagement is off the charts!

What's next for Talko

More metaverse platforms catering more categories such as education, work, party etc. Also, we would like to incorporate features like assignment posting, a scheduler for planning lessons timings, more features added to the metaverse (eg. Video playlist, bulletin board etc.) and UI enhancements.

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