Sometimes we get very bored and don't just feel like talking to someone but we feel like arguing and proving a point, or we just feel like talking about something we like or just making a new friend! That is why we created TalkMore

What it does

Connects people from all around the world anonymously to talk about common interests, topics they share different opinions and points of view on different topics or if one just wants to chat randomly and make new friends they can choose our random chat option

How we built it

We started off with no web design expression. We first attended Webdesign 101 we form an Idea for a innovative and practical website. After running into countless roadblocks we succeeded and created a working prototype for TalkMore.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the .tech site to run and uploading our site was a big issue due to the school because it was blocking our submissions to the site

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting our site up and running and learning css, html and php overnight

What we learned

A lot of web design, new languages like php

What's next for TalkMore

Adding user created topics on our Common interest section "Find my Twin" and the "Lets Argue!" chat options as well as being able to send pictures, site emojis and stickers.

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