We have done presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint before and know that it take alot of time and effort to perfect a presentation. So we decided to build a solution that can help users find ways to improve their presentation shills.

What it does

TalkingPoint records and analyzes a presentation using Speech Recognition to give insights on how the user can improve. We track words and show the user a quantified outlook on the presentation.

How I built it

We built this solution to integrate in the Microsoft Powerpoint app as an Add in. We use Node.js to build the add in and used css and html to design it.

What I learned

This was our first time building on the Microsoft platform so we had to learn how it all worked, but once we figured it out we were excited about all of the things we can do on the Office Platform.

What's next for TalkingPoint

We plan to continue developing our solution and deploy fully on the Office store.

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