Global governments & organizations have been responding to COVID-19 awareness campaign. Unfortunately, there is little knowledge on effectiveness of these campaigns. Secondly, localizations of the accurate awareness messages are critical for 50+ countries. This is where our solution Talking Stickers comes in.

What it does

Talking Stickers are audio based QR codes/links that convey accurate awareness materials in multiple languages. It is a simple, scalable and effective way for governments & organizations to disseminate awareness locally in multiple languages.

Even the less literate now can have access to awareness campaign materials in their local languages through the audio-based QR codes.

We also provide a COVID-19 dashboard for the governments & organizations to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the awareness campaign. It provides number of downloads, number of people listening to the awareness audio, which languages, location, frequency, feedback from the users if the awareness audio was helpful. Talking Stickers has been used in providing education to the less privileged communities over the last 5 years. In addition to the COVID-19 awareness, Talking Stickers can be used to provide education to millions of children globally by the government & organizations.

How we built it

The OLLO app works on any android device. The app can be downloadable from the Google play store by searching for OLLO app (Attollo is the company name, you can’t miss it is a smiley face logo). The dashboard can be accessed on any device or computer. We used Elasticsearch to build the dashboard by pulling attributes from Firebase

Challenges we ran into

There were quite few tasks of data munging and parsing that were required for the dashboard that took a bit of time. Lots of different tools that needed to be quickly learnt and implemented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been able to sign MOUs with the local governments in India (3 states) to use Talking Stickers in the COVID-19 awareness campaign over the last 10 days. This would help the local governments to potential reach 200 million people. We have executed and turned around audio recordings in 8 regional languages on 19 approved COVID-19 campaign materials from the Governments.

What's next for Talking Stickers

We hope to work with 50+ countries governments, WHO, UNICEF, CDC in the awareness campaign of COVID-19 as well as work with local organizations in delivering education through Talking Stickers during this time.

Dashboard username: covid19 password: pandemic@2020

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posted an update

A new updated version of the Talking Stickers COVID-19 dashboard (increased RAM) and visualization features has been deployed and we will continue to refine the dashboard over this weekend. Now, governments & organizations from low-speed internet countries can access the dashboard to track effectiveness of the awareness campaign.

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posted an update

Attollo is currently using Talking Stickers to train front line health workers (with a state government in India) in counseling (fight against COVID-19) the vulnerable population (who don't have access to the internet/smartphones) in less resourced settings in multiple languages.

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