I wanted to make something fun.

What it does

Jeremy will recognize you if you've spoken to him before, because the first time you speak to him you will introduce yourself. He will then engage in a riveting conversation with you until you say "goodnight sweet prince".

How I built it

I used dlib for face recognition, speech_recognition for speech to text, and espeak for text to speech. The backbone of the project is made using Cleverbot's API, which provides hours of entertainment. It takes external inputs with a microphone and a webcam, and emits sound with a boombox hidden in the body.

Challenges I ran into

Every step of the project gave me trouble, especially the speech to text part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The robot is extremely fun to talk to.

What I learned

That your friends don't have to be human. They can be a cardboard box with tentacle arms and a styrofoam head.

What's next for Talking Head

I would like to add more functionally to him and make him faster.

Built With

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