We know a person who uses sign language to communicate with others. One day when he wanted to communicate with us, we were not able to understand him because we don't know sign language. Then we got an idea to make this glove to help him.

What it does

This glove detects sign language and converts to speech for helping people who can't speak.

How we built it

We used 4 flex sensors to detect gestures and then integrated it with Arduino mini to interpret the gestures. Arduino mini interprets the gestures and sends the message to to a smartphone through Bluetooth module.

Challenges we ran into

We worked with flex sensors and Bluetooth module for the first time so it was challenging to integrate them all and also removing the garbage value from the flex sensor was the most challenging part. Apart from that, arranging all these components in lockdown was also challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to provide voice to a person who can't speak is the biggest accomplishment that we are proud of!

What we learned

We learnt many new things in this weekend through this hackathon. 1) Interfacing flex sensor with Arduino mini to detect gestures. 2) Programming Arduino mini with TTL converter. 3) Using Bluetooth module (HC-05) to send the data to a smartphone.

What's next for Talkify

We are planning to add some more features in this device like integrating it with the home automation system to control various devices just at the fingertips.

Built With

  • arduino-mini
  • bluetooth-module
  • c++
  • flex-sensor
  • text-to-speech
  • ttl-converter
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