Around the nation, and even the world, many people suffer from language barriers. Our inspiration was drawn from this fact, and our goal was to help facilitate the lives of people who are unable to communicate with the people around them.

What it does

TalkGlobal is a language translating app. It allows two users who do not speak the same language to communicate, by first detecting the typed language of one, then translating to the desired language of the other.

How we built it

TalkGlobal is an android app developed in Android Studios. We utilized IBM's Bluemix framework, drawing from Watson's A.I. algorithms to detect the language of the user's input and to complete the translation.

Challenges we ran into

Using Bluemix was a brand new notion to most of the group, and using the API in Android development certainly steepened the learning curve. In addition, only one member of our team had participated in a hackathon previous to TAMUHack 2015.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most notable of our accomplishments at TAMUHack 2015 is our ability to work as a team. Each member played a key role in the planning, development, and success of the hack, including one member who had a total of one month of coding experience prior to the event.

What we learned

In addition to learning a great deal about scripting and markup languages, we learned how to work with existing API's and frameworks to build a product. We also learned some excellent techniques involving planning and executing a project in a hackathon environment.

What's next for TalkGlobal

At this point, TalkGlobal can recognize a typed language and translates it text-to-text. In the future, TalkGlobal will not only be able to translate speech into a desired language, but will be able to detect which language is being spoken and translate it into the appropriate text and/or speech. With this, users need not even know what language the other is speaking; communication will truly become a seamless process.

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