Lots of time we may need to discuss technical assignment problems with our friends, and the whiteboard sharing feature on TalkBoard is essential to our communication. Also, having a whiteboard to illustrate our ideas is always nice-to-have so that we can talk about questions through video/audio streaming. I developed this tool in mobile because I realize mobile whiteboard is much more useful for me. (since I usually discuss some problems with my friends when they don't have their laptops with them)

What it does

TalkBoard combines two features of real-time whiteboard sharing and video call for multiple devices. Users need to sign in with a unique group name to enable a whiteboard-sharing and video call. After signing in, all users with the same group name will be sharing a whiteboard (where any user in the group can draw on the whiteboard and the drawing will be shown on all other users' device in real time) and at the same time they can communicate via the group video call. (OpenLive) For creating a new account, fill in email&password fields and click 'Create an Account'. You can find more details about this app at link.

How I built it

I built it by iOS/Swift by using Agora.IO-SDK and Firebase real-time database.

Challenges I ran into

I am not very familiar with Xcode&Swift3 environment, and learning iOS development is way much tougher than I thought lol. It took me a long time to fix all the bugs. (most of them are configuration errors...) Also, I was trying to add the screen sharing feature in AgoraIO-SDK; however, I could not build it on time eventually. I will update this feature if possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

this app is working finally : )

What I learned

I gained lots of experiences in iOS(mobile) development, especially for the backend development with Firebase.

What's next for TalkBoard

fix some bugs and implement more features for the whiteboard part (add more color, sharing picture etc.), and add the screen-sharing feature in the

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