What is Talk To Tammy

MLH Same home different hacks discord bot created by Chris King, Rohan Singh, Daniel Qiu, Lauren Rowe. Created using Python and running on Google Cloud servers, Tammy is your own quarantine buddy. Not only is she able to keep a conversation, Tammy can be used for quick searches (weather, google, dictionary etc.)


We were inspired to build Tammy as most of the members of the team often use discord while gaming and working. We always found it inconvenient having to tab out to search for something or grab quick and easy information. That is why we created Tammy. With Tammy, one can access information right from discord with Google, Wiki, Weather support and much more! This is a game-changer for individuals that play fast-paced games (such as the developer team) where they now can get information without being gone from the game for extended periods of time.

What it does

Our discord bot Tammy can fulfill all your Wikipedia wishes by searching for requested topics and replying instantaneously. Tammy can also host games for members to play and tell jokes to lighten the mood. Additionally, Tammy can help individuals cope with loneliness during the Covid-19 pandemic by holding interactive conversations with different members using her many commands interpreted using natural language processing. Since Tammy is a discord bot, it is very easy to add it to any discord server with all you're friends and family for everyone to enjoy.

How we built it

Tammy was built using Python for the back end as it is a discord bot. We used many Python libraries in order to handle the many requests the users may throw at it. The discord library was crucial to the creation of Tammy as she is a discord bot after all. To handle Google, Dictionary, Weather, and Wikipedia requests we implemented and learned many new libraries in order to make Tammy feel like a real personal assistant to chat with on your discord window. In order to host Tammy and the website to bring Tammy to your own server, we use Google Cloud Credits to set up a Windows machine to run Tammy and host our website.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into numerous problems while programming our discord bot. As a group, we are new at GitHub so it was challenging to figure out how to pull and push from different branches. After spending multiple hours learning how to use Git we ran into another problem with our project. We wanted to create a discord bot, however, none of us knew how to use Javascript, and we had very little knowledge in Python. Nonetheless, we were committed. Slowly climbing the learning curve, we learned many libraries and learned the syntax of these new languages to create Tammy, you're discord bot to fulfill all you're quarantine needs. A massive headache of a challenge for is was implementing the functions of the game. Not knowing asynchronous programming and now sure how to handle multiple inputs and outputs from discord chats, implementing the games took two days of researching and debugging.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are especially proud that in only 36 hours we were able to accomplish building and hosting a python based interactive bot named Tammy. At the start of the hackathon, we had no clue where to start and what to create. The fact that most of the team is unfamiliar with Python (as we generally use Java & C++), and we still yet managed to create a working bot with an unfamiliar language is astonishing. Each team member worked hard to learn new things and take Tammy further to create a platform that handles it all accurately and efficiently, all while working remotely.

What we learned

For the majority of our group this Hackathon, our very first, improved our knowledge of Python and also taught us that implementing a simple discord bot in Python proves to be a very difficult task. Having very little Python knowledge and no knowledge of any Python libraries forces us to spend time looking at the different API’s and learning how to implement all the API’s in order for Tammy to have the useful features she yields right now.

What's next for Tammy

In the future, we would like to implement speech to text and text to mp3 in order for the user to jump into a channel with the bot and talk to it. This would make accessing information very easy and would not require the user to take their eyes or swap windows from their current tasks. The reason it is not implemented at the moment is due to the fact that no stable libraries support retrieving audio from a discord channel, and we are hoping to work around that issue. The bot currently is able to join a channel the user is in, however, we would like to add the functionality for the bot to listen for the user. This would allow it to convert the speech to text for the bot to intemperate and respond accordingly. Furthermore, there will always be more text changes and fun things to keep Tammy users entertained. We look forward to making Tammy’s language more natural and adding more fun surprises and informative commands.

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