The main inspiration was the amount of depression and negative energy which could decrease the level of happiness or damage our world. Maximizing happiness and spreading positive energy everywhere is what our world needs. This chatbot application is designed to help others, provide positive energy stories, and make people more productive.

What it does

The Bot will send a welcome message and instructions to the user then provide the user with two options to choose from. The user may decide to talk to a representative who is dedicated to the area in which the user needs help in. If so, the bot will ask the user some questions until the representative get ready and jump in the conversation. Also, there are some special keys will be provided for a seamless communications with representatives without interruption. On the other hand, the user can choose to get positive energy and there are some sample stories in different categories. The stories are in templates and the user can choose either to read the story or go to a different one. If the user is sad, a button that say talk to someone will appear. After the user read the story, the user can choose to read another one or exit.

How I built it

It is built on the messenger platform using node.js and JavaScript. Also, it is forked from Original Coast Clothing and there are many changes in order to customize this unique experience. It is developed and webhook tested on a local computer using ngrok and node.js. After finishing all the changes, the application was deployed to a shared Linux hosting that is connected to a domain with a SSL certificate.

Challenges I ran into

This is the first time to use node.js and handling API data. It was so exciting to learn how to do all of these interesting things. On the other hand, it took so long and it was hard to deploy the application to a shared Linux hosting. It can be deployed to any free service provider, but being different is awesome. Finally, the amount of school assignment left no time to work on the project, but time managing tools made it work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First of all, this experience can open the door for many charities to customize a helpful experience like this. This is a great step to have an amazing world. Moreover, deploying the experience to a shared Linux hosting was almost near the impossible, but it is done and working properly.

What I learned

In general, when people love what they do, they will have passion to learn more about it. This exciting experience was the reason behind a big change in my life. First, I never used node.js and now I can build a webhook and send/receive APIs. Also, I got used to JavaScript and I can develop awesome things now! Finally, I have learned that when everyone works hard, they can make the impossible happen!

What's next for Talk to Me

Improve the customer service experience by adding business integration and add more live representatives. Handle as many phrases as possible to avoid the not recognized message. Add more options in the menus, add more stories per choice, develop algorithm to update the stories automatically every day/week, and shuffle stories based on the user gender. Add more effects to grab attention and spread happiness.

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