Because computer science is such a male-dominated field, women and non-binary people often feel unable to voice their opinions and ideas. As a result, hesitation regarding the ability to clearly and assertively articulate ideas can suffer. Our VR app provides the tools needed to build confidence and communication skills through a customizable VR environment that provides specific, constructive, and real-time feedback.

What it does

Talk the Talk provides a reality-based , customizable VR environment so you can practice speaking in public and articulating your ideas - hence, building confidence. The customization aspect of the project means you can stimulate practice in your classroom, on a stage or in front of a crowd. The VR environment prevents distraction by maintaining focus within VR headset. As you speak, your connected device ( laptop in our case ) , works real time with IBM Watson to analyse what you're saying and detect how much and when you hesitate. Once you're done ( as you say 'Watson stop recording') You see a speech to text translation of what you said on the screen and a score of how much and where you hesitated. Cognitive research shows that context-dependent encoding (i.e. practicing in the critical environment) significantly improves performance

How I built it

Used Google Cardboard Unity SDK IBM Watson Speech to Text API ( For conversions and analysis )

Challenges I ran into

Getting the VR code to work and the VR experience be smooth Integration of IBM Watson into unity Ensuring the user-experience, apart from the VR, like talking to Watson was also smooth

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That it works . It's not perfect but we've achieved a lot. :)

What I learned

To believe that things work if you work hard and give them time. I also am glad I got to meet so many cool women in Tech.

Things we wished we could have added

Sentiment analysis to see how your tone/content may be perceived ( using Intelligence ) and eye movement tracker

Some Places where the VR app can help

  • Forty-six percent men always negotiate salary following a job offer, compared to just 30% of women. VR apps like this can help you build confidence for negotiating job/salary offers.

    • You can check how much you hesitate and improve over time
  • Practice pitching your ideas to people.

  • Help develop self confidence for day to day social interactions

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