Mercedes has a reputation of being one of the best, and can now expand that reputation to becoming one of the most personable. By reinventing the Mercedes UI, safety, convenience and performance features will combined with a new sleek personal interface. The current Mercedes Benz vehicle is missing several potential safety, performance and convenience features that are offered by other products, but to improve the Mercedes Benz experience, these amenities must be implemented within the vehicle itself. In terms of convenience, features to be introduced include a parking locater(considering how finding where you park your car is a hassle) for your home. The performance category include the ability to visually show car analytics that will allow one to visually see and maximize their performance as well as minimizing dangerous driving. Safety is the biggest issue in the car industry, and the new UI will not compromise safety but instead improve it. Not only would one’s Mercedes Benz detect potential drunk drivers, using apple watch for heartbeat trackers to check driver impairment, and contact your emergency contacts in an event, but seamlessly integrate these features to minimize distractions for the driver and help the driver to continue driving safely. These new features would not only improve the Mercedes experience, but make it more appealing to a younger demographic interested in personalized technology. Ultimately, this new UI will be the “Benz Pak”, an opportunity to develop and improve Mercedes available to everyone, garnering a global interest in the best brand, Mercedes Benz.

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