Our process was a tricky one, with lots of ups and downs, but we are so proud of our project in the end! What inspired us was our love of music and how we wanted a way to be able to connect with people based on our interests. We also got a lot of inspiration from the Spotify workshop which showed us it was definitely something we wanted to incorporate. We built our project using React, JS, HTML and CSS, UX/UI and the SpotifyAPI. Using React was new for some of us, but that made this whole process an even greater learning experience. We also learned how to incorporate Spotify which was so interesting to us, and something we would love to continue working with in the future. One of the big struggles we faced was after working on our projects for hours realizing that we needed to change the idea. We didn’t want to settle for an okay idea, but rather a great one. It took us back a few steps, but it was worth it in the end. We had some other technical struggles along the way, but it all came together in the end!

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