Blind people often get text read to them on their phones but there never seems to be a good implementation of image descriptions. We also realized that memes are used in our modern society quite a lot on our social media platforms.

What it does

Sends memes to a user via text message that is accessible to anyone even those who have disabilities. You can send a random message and you will receive one of the latest trending meme, you can type "balance" to see what meme you currently have viewed/received

How we built it

We used MongoDB to make a database to store all the trending memes from, which held the picture, and a description.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Python to webscrape, integrating Arduino

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a meme base,

What we learned Framework, ngrok, Clarfai, Twilio, Google Tesseract (OCR), MongoDB

What's next for Talk Me-me 2 me

Fully integrate Clarifai to filter out NSFW memes, better train OCR, Integrate feature on phone instead of Twilio number

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