What it does

Deafblind is a term that is used when a person has a combination of impaired vision and hearing. Some are born deafblind, some are only deaf at birth and lose their eyesight in childhood, while others start to progressively lose their hearing and vision into adulthood. So we are developing an app which helps deafblind person to communicate with normal sight person and vice versa.

Our app consists of two features:

 1) Far          
 2) Near

Far: In this feature, a blind-deaf person can communicate with others when he is at different place (chatting feature). Far consists of two interfaces:-
1) chatting interface for a blind-deaf person. 2) chatting interface for a normal person.

A blind-deaf person can send message by tapping the screen of the app. Short tap is dot ( . ) Long tap is dash ( - ) The Morse code written by blind-deaf person is converted to plain english while sending the message to a normal person. Incoming message from a Normal person to a deaf-blind person is converted into vibrations of dot & dash for blind and deaf person.

Near: This feature is used when both blind-deaf person and normal person are at same place and want to communicate to each other. This Near feature consists of a interface where a normal person can talk with blind-deaf person. When a normal person speaks, it is converted into vibrations via morse code in real time for blind-deaf person to understand the message Blind-deaf person can give reply in real-time by tapping the screen of the app and it is converted into speech. This was done using azure Text to Speech and speech to text services.

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