Too often, finders must make multiple phone calls to try to find the right person or organisation to help them. The frustrating, and often time consuming delays in locating qualified care often leads to animal deaths. That's why we are working on the project to expedite aid to injured and ailing animals . She teamed up with an application designer, and a software developer from IV Technology Group in New York to create Wild-help. Together we want to create and program an extensive database of wildlife resources and emergency animal respondents throughout the country.

What it Does

Whenever one finds an animal or a bird in a pitiful state, you can just click a picture add a comment and submit it to us. The app automatically detects your location and sends it to the department authorised to handle the situation( here MCD). Thts it. You have helped a poor soul find help! Also you can post the picture to a social network if you think help could be arranged by someone among your friends.

How we built it

We made an interactive user friendly UI. We used twitter fabric digits API to login to the app and google maps API to automatically detect the co-ordinates to send along with the pic.

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