Think about the first time you heard an audio story while you were a kid...or watched a cartoon on an old time slide projector...that childhood feeling will be experienced on a different level by today's kids. They will get to watch as suddenly animated characters pop out of their books. It will feel almost magical. We are witnessing a new era in child education, one where Augmented Reality remixes the real world to create extraordinary experiences for kids. And we want to be among the first to create such experiences.

What it does

We want to encourage children to experience a story in a completely new way. Tales for the Future is a children's book comprising 12 stories on equality, body positivity, activism, and many more, each of them being illustrated by a different artist and augmented in AR. Kids will be able to look at the animated illustrations through their parents' Instagram and Facebook cameras.

The first story which we've augmented is called "Akna & The Cosmos" and puts the focus on STEM education for girls, helping kids of all genders learn about space, planets and solar systems.

How we built it

We‘ve used spark AR to make the image of the story come to life and created a little portal in the three dimensional space. We've also added an audio feature which has the role to immerse the reader into the atmosphere of the story. For the presentation website ( we've used a simple website builder.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was making sure that the effects are not only complementing the stories, but adding surprise elements that appear in unexpected ways, and have the power to delight the children.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to engage in our project illustrators and AR artists from all around the world, so kids can have a global, multiracial, multicultural perspective.

What we learned

For us, this project was a conscious reminder that AR is ideal for education. And education is always something we are personally striving for.

What's next for Tales for the Future

We have already written & illustrated 12 of the stories, and now we need to augment them all with SparkAR. We plan on continuously improve the AR effects and make them more attractive. With some of the earnings from selling the book, we plan to donate some iPads to an elementary school from an underprivileged community in Romania.

Built With

  • sparkar
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