Hello, I'm Lucy! I'm 22, an English and Spanish graduate from Exeter University, and I've worked with startups, social enterprises, and non-profits on digital marketing. I also have high-functioning autism, or Asperger syndrome.

The fact that 1/4 of UK graduates with autism are unemployed bothers me. By definition, an autistic person who has gone to university is going to be talented. They'll probably have incredible focus, memory, and specialist skills. If they're unemployed, they're just not being supported in the right way, or recruitment and conventional working environments are standing in the way.

My suggested solution? Startups.

I managed online marketing for a startup in Barcelona during the year abroad of my degree, and built so much confidence during that time, alongside specialist skills and business awareness. I want more young people with autism to experience the same - there's too much talent going to waste otherwise.

Autism costs the UK taxpayer an estimated £32 billion a year, and 79% of autistic people who receive out of work benefits would rather work. Approximately 50% of these people do not have learning difficulties.

It's not about CSR; it makes business sense.

How it works

talentworks will be a recruitment platform on which people with high-functioning autism can find jobs at startups with a positive attitude towards diversity.

What's next for talentworks

Creating an initial prototype, outreach to both startups and young people with autism, marketing.

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