It is the money stupid. Millions of people still don't have easy access to venture capital to implement their projects and business ideas.

What it does

The globalization and digitalization of the global economy have opened up many new opportunities for mankind. We are experiencing a quantum leap in terms of development time and the introduction of new products and services. But no money, no honey. The development of good ideas should be a human right and of course digital and easier. Still, it is an exclusive right for people with access to talents, networks and venture capital.

How I built it

Many companies and startups are contacting us during this crisis. We have also limits in financing them but they need mostly no investment. What they need is only money to pay the services they need at the moment. So we connected them with developers and "upworkers" from our personal network. But this is not efficient and we need a digital solution like "Upwork" but much more simple!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Failed & stand up! Supported 50+ Inventors, 25+ StartUps & companies

What I learned

To fail is a lesson not the end of the world and stand up again is hard but it will change your way of life.

What's next for Talents for Equity

Get the team together, brainstorm and start development!

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