In 2015 a member of our team conducted a study into the effect of music therapy on the elderly in nursing homes and retirement villages. She approached nursing homes, explained the intentions of the study, then made bookings to enable her to perform for the elderly at several venues. After analysis it was found that there was a remarkable positive response to the performances. Not only did the performances lift the spirit of those that attended, it was found that the elderly citizens were talking about the performance for days after the event. There are conclusive studies detailing the positive impact of music therapy for the elderly including those with Dementia.

The problem found while doing the study was there was no easy means of booking the talented student performers and volunteers to perform at the nursing homes.

Our web application allows the student/volunteer user to select on their mobile device an available time at the nursing home from those made available by the nursing home activity coordinator. The student/volunteer then records a short demo and selects save. The system generates a notification to the nursing home activity coordinator allowing them to select or decline.

Challenges I ran into were our lack of programming skills and limited time to act on the production of the web application. Our team skills focused on music and business skills. There was no lack of enthusiasm.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of are that we chose a project that has a good opportunity to be profitable with revenue generated from the value added by our product to the nursing home. Our intention going forward would be to charge a small annuity to allow the project to grow. Most importantly is the cost benefit ratio. The social benefits raised from the project will most likely far outweigh any financial benefit.

Our project will benefit from partnerships with education facilities that have access to a fantastic pool of performers generally itching for an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. The Australian Music Examination Board of Tasmania would be a fabulous stakeholder in this endeavour along with the Tasmanian Department of Education, UTAS and community volunteers. We feel we have the skills to promote the forming of these partnerships.

New skills were attained in the preparation of video content and enhancement of my communication skills

I intend to continue on to produce the software. I intend to use the talentpal project as the identified project for my breadth unit XBR102 Developing your Creative and Entrepreneurial Potential.

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