Many talented youngsters with the drive to achieve great things are often hindered by lack of funds or resources, while accomplished personalities who would like to find and support upcoming talent in their fields are limited by time and scope. To fix this issue and encourage the wide pool of talent in underprivileged communities, we have created a crowdsourcing application where inspirers can connect with aspirers.

What it does

Our app allows sponsors to connect with underprivileged students Sponsors can create an account and view students that demonstrate potential. Sponsors can choose which students they want to sponsor. In addition, Sponsors can view the progress reports, updates and any general information of the student that they are sponsoring.

How I built it

The backend is built with Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB and the front end is built with CSS3, Less, HTML, Bootstrap, and AngularJS.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge we faced was discussing the feasibility of this idea and coming up with solutions to these problems. Even though the idea has a lot of potential, there were a lot of loopholes that we had to consider. For example, with most of the financial matters (money transfer, etc.), a background check has to be done on all the students to ensure integrity and reliability, and this can be very time consuming and expensive. For an initiative with little revenue stream, this structure wouldn't be scalable at all, and the company would collapse quickly. We realized that we needed to incorporate a reliable revenue stream and streamline the background check process.

Another challenge was wiring up the backend with the front end, this was difficult because we learning different aspects of the mean stack for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our understanding of Web development has increased greatly. In addition our understanding of the entire situation of spreading awareness has greatly deepened.

What I learned

Greatly deepened our understanding of the MEAN stack, which i found to be an extremely powerful tool.

What's next for TalentFund

We believe that it s a really good idea, and if approached in the right way, can potentially change the beliefs, stereotypes and the values associated with education, so we want to take it further and expand this idea. However before we start, we need to perform some customer discovery, as it is important gain an understanding of our audience's needs and perspectives.

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