Basically how we can help recruiters to find potential candidates as each and every day there are more candidates having very good skills who couldn't able to get an opportunity to grab a good job, especially when coming to the physically challenged people who have difficulty to write a resume but they have a great talent, this is the main inspiration which I developed Talent Pro

What it does

It will basically help to join the gap between a recruiter and the candidates. Candidates having many high skills but recruiter having difficulties to find the exact skills which he/she looking for the current requirements/openings which make difficult to view each and every resumes from the documents

It will help the candidates that they just need to upload the resumes and no need to fill any other details like first name, last name, skills, Email, etc., With the Power of cognitive API's we are extracting all the details from the documents.

How I built it

I've tried to use most of the Azure Components, The Talent Pro is basically an Azure Web App which is a help to upload and view the candidate's information in the form of Documents and Videos.

The uploaded documents/videos will be stored in Azure Storage Blob which is trigger an Azure Functions. The Azure Function will call the Cognitive API calls like (Text analytics, Computer Vision API, and Video Indexer API) and will store the details in Cosmos DB

Then we have integrated Azure Search with Cosmos DB which will fetch the details and showed to the Recruiters

Challenges I ran into

  • After getting more error I found that text analytics API will be processed only 5120 and not 5000 characters, So created an issue in azure docs and helps the community (
  • Azure Search is the most challenging part where I faced more difficulties in creating indexers, indexes and data sources, after some time I keep backed up the all using API's and checked in the Github too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Ability to integrate more azure components in a single project.
  • All the components are a PaaS, so it will be easy to create and modify in future, loosely coupled components

What I learned

There are many I learned, which are

  • Azure Cosmos SQL Queries
  • Azure Search fundamentals like indexers, indexes
  • Video Indexer
  • Azure Text Analytics API
  • Azure Computer Vision API

What's next for Talent Pro

Instead of having 2 different menus, we can integrate into a single menu where they can able to upload both document and video at a single time

Ability to upload more than 1 document and video

Built With

  • application-insights
  • azure
  • azure-cosmos-db
  • azure-functions
  • azure-search
  • azure-web-app
  • computer-vision
  • text-analytics-api
  • video-indexer
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posted an update

Currently, my Azure Subscription got disabled due to high usage, hence my talentpro site is temporary down. It will back active probably after Oct 2nd. So requesting the voter/judges to test the site after Oct 2nd. Thanks for your understanding!

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