The Talent Pipeline website has existed for 2 days and has constructed a simple website where users can look at each other's resumes. Our objective is to connect employers with potential employees who have posted their resumes on our site. You can easily view a user’s resumes simply by clicking on their profile. If you like a user's resume, you can email them for potential employment.

The Pipeline website uses Google’s Natural Language Processing’s Entity extraction AI using the Google Cloud Platform that will stiff through PDFs in order to capture keywords in our search function for quick access to resumes of their desired searches. We have also implemented Google OAuth 2.0 for fast and easy login. Notivize’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol will also notify via email to all new users once they have created their accounts.

We would like to refractor our code and fix all the bugs that we weren’t able to catch and also deploy our website via Google Compute engine.

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