We realized that recruiters spend a lot of valuable time to vet talents and ascertain their competencies. And that most talents are not sure what level they are skill-wise or the path to take to get to the next level. When do I know if I’m a mid-level developer? What steps can I take to level up?. We saw that talents do not earn up to their pairs with the same skill level in global markets. We saw talents do not grow their skills level actively.

What it does

We aim to eliminate the long recruitment process and cut down recruitment time by 1000%. We are providing a platform where recruiters have easy, fast and efficient access to the best talents ranked to meet their needs. The platform works with talents to provide a system of ranking them based on talent details (including links to other sites related to talent's career e.g GitHub, dribble) provided and vetted through various means like talent to talent review, challenges to vet their skills, et.c.

How I built it

We decided to build our solution like a coin with two complementing sides. Talent Ocean is made up of talent and recruiter portals:-

  1. Talent Portal - Talents signup and update their profile with all relevant details. Talents are encouraged to include necessary details like documents, links that will increase the points and boost their rankings. Talents can receive offers from recruiters.
  2. Recruiter Portal - Recruiters signup and have access to vetted talents. Recruiters get fast access to the best talents that match their needs based on system rankings. Recruiters can make offers to talents.

Top Use Cases

  1. A Recruiter can search and find the top ranking java developers in a location e.g Abuja with 2 years of working experience. And they get instant results of top vetted talents that match those criteria in seconds.
  2. Talent can increase their income by building skills. This has an immediate effect with talent ocean as your ranking increases and you get more offers from recruiters.
  3. Recruiters do not need to test or vet talents again, Talent ocean has done that already. This cuts down recruitment time by over 1000%.
  4. Talents can check the leaderboard and know their rank among their pairs. This gives insights as to where they need to improve and increase their value.
  5. The nature of talent ocean exploits competitive spirit among talents to grow the standard of the industry at large. This will make talent ocean an international fishing ground for top talents that recruiters need.

Side Attractions

We built a Monitoring USSD App for our server on Linode Cloud Platform. The service is accessible on USSD. We can manage our servers even without internet access, We can carry out basic DevOps through USSD like check Server Status, Restart, and Shutdown. Thanks to Linode for providing APIS to enable us to achieve this.

Challenges I ran into

Nnaemeka V. Eziamaka - Had some issues with the asynchronous nature of Nodejs while creating the USSD monitoring app. I had to change my thinking a bit. Once I got that sorted, everything else went smoothly. Olabampe Olamigoke - It was hard sprinting to get a good functional MVP with little time. I am glad we made it and learned a lot from it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nnaemeka V. Eziamaka- I was proud of the fact that I could work together with my teammates to produce a solution that has a great chance of solving a major problem in the country and world at large. Also, the USSD app for server resources mini-management was interesting for me. I got to use cloud hosting (Linode) and it was thrilling to setup my Node server, firewall and web server(Nginx).

What I learned

We have learned teamwork, sprint development, problem-solving and the requirements of deploying a web application.

What's next for Talent Ocean

Talent Ocean is planning on intensive development to create a standard product then going live. During this period, We will seek out ways to raise funds to jump-start a product that holds the capability of growing organically without funding.

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