Society today is really just focused on entertainment. Due to innovations, and new inventions people's lives have been made too easy. Now, families, friends, and single dwellers have an increasingly more amount of time to enjoy their time. That is why the entertainment industry erupted. Using this fact, and the drive to help non-profits, we came up with Cultare.

What it does

Cultare is a web app that allows individuals around the world to showcase their talent to the society, by paying a minimal fees of $0.10. Viewers all over the world get to watch these videos, and download, and share them with their friends and family, for a minimal amount ot $0.02 per video. Pretty cheap right? That is the idea! Using crowdfunding, and getting a big number of users both uploading and watching the videos, we will create a community of individuals from all across the globe, who will help fund non-profits - unconsciously. All they will have to input when they sign in is which types of non-profits they are interested in, and our platform will do all the work for them!

How I built it

We used a number of different languages, tools, and technologies:

Challenges I ran into

We are from two very different places, (Illinois, and Arizona) it was a challenge ot coordinate-not only the timing- but the collaboration. We also got introduced to AWS for the first time in this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to learn, and create something that we are passionate about: at the same time.

What I learned

We learned how to incorporate S3 Buckets, RDS, and Cognito from the Amazon Web Services. We also learned how to create a web app with a backend of Java.

What's next for Talent Fund

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