When Ray Ozzie developed Lotus notes, The HBR -Harvard business Review - published an article how an theextraordinary coder - Ozzie - can be 10.000 times more effective than the average one; while 100 years ago, the extraordinary shoemaker was at best 20% above the average. My friend – the Si valley founder told me, that the best UX designer she ever had hired, was the haiku poet and no HR or head hunting firm spotted this extraordinary performer.

Only the gifted should spot the gifted – so we give the gifted applicant the possibility to get evaluated by the gifted. In the interview there are only 4 choices and one sentence for each “outlier” should the evaluator provide. Only the extreme answers on both end - either good or bad - are selected and presented. The gifted either see themselves in the mirror – the best score, or they could not stand the person – again the Jungian “shadow” shows up.

This is exactly the formula given by Reid Hoffman and his VC team for startup funding selections – when all VC evaluators agree or disagree there is usually no success. BUT when strong emotions and disagreements emerge – three is a sign for the possible successful investment.

The biggest challenge for “TALENT fish the TALENT” team, was how to build the proof of work as simple as possible! So we selected MS Excel and VB – to do the trick. But of course it needs to be tested in real life to obtain feedback.

We will be also have to consider EEG testing, to directly detect the feelings without rational filters – like US Navy IQ tests!

We believe that first - the companies should be able to employ the real talent, gift and genius. not merely good ones Also – the gifted deserve the chance to prove themselves without mediocre HR personel to kick them out!.


Watson type of AI will change everything – and AI cannot really catch rare human outliers. IQ of 125 is rare and not possible to test reliable.

At the end there is nothing new – in judeo christian muslim tradition: Bible - revelations 3:16 it says: Be hot or be cold – the lukewarm will be spitted out!

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