Why us. Why this solution.

It focuses on solving the problem. It is considerate of our Pacific communities.

The Problem

Our understanding, Pacific Islands Association of Non-governmental Organisations (PIANGO), are at the mercy of ad hoc requests for regional perspectives of NGOs. They need an efficient and effective way to tap into their networks, primarily their members. Ideally there was a way to manage requests for input, and decisions made.

Context and Flow

Membership is made up of National Liaison Units (NLU) who act as national nodes. NLUs are made up of NGOs in their countries and/or territories. Non-state actors such as PIFS request inputs from PIANGO as a regional node. PIANGO then reaches out to their networks for responses and summarises them into decisions which are sent back to non-state actors.

Our solution

A mobile friendly web app that allows PIANGO to discuss and seek input from NGOs on relevant issues and to record and collect consensus on any decisions.

Killer features

Familiarity. We take advantage of what Pacific users are already familiar with, Facebook. They can log in with their Facebook account. Discussions and decisions will be interactive like Facebook including likes, follows and shares. This also improves security as its one less password to remember. Users of Twitter and LinkedIn can also log in with their accounts. This is known as Single Sign On (SSO). All interactions will be searchable by PIANGO and public interactions would be discoverable for everyone. This is beneficial for non-state actors as they can self-serve for information rather than waiting for PIANGO, NLUs and/or CSOs.

Never miss a beat. Omnichannel notifications allow users to subscribe to content and alerts to virtually any platform. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, SMS and good old email are available options. Users can follow any content for alerts including discussions, decisions, comments, organisations and other users. PIANGO discussions and decisions will be seamlessly shared to social media and email automatically.

Building and tracking consensus. Discussions, decisions and contributions are beneficial to a user or community. Users can interact openly or privately such as commenting and voting on discussions, decisions and contributions. Private comments would go directly to PIANGO or a selected user.

Demo/ Product

Home page - https://ww2.talanoa.link

For new users, we are trying to get them to subscribe or post messages. For existing users, we want to highlight some announcements off the bat. But they also have easy access to the latest discussions and decisions.

Users can view quick stats and sort content on the homepage. They can also Staritems of note or Follow them to get the latest updates. They can also share them to other platforms. The top right shows examples of what alerts look like, and that there is a private messaging feature for discussing issues privately, or just relaxing.

We chose a green design to align with the PIANGO logo. Green also represents freshness which we hope to bring in terms of ideas and innovation.

We try to guide the users eyes and attention using font sizes and colours. For example the buttons are green while everything else is standard. We also highlight the types of content available with green (ie discussions and decisions).

The login page also shows how SSO could work and the options available.

Request details - http://ww3.talanoa.link/requests/1

A user can find out more about an announcement or post which interests them by selecting the post. This will direct them to the announcement details page which displays the full announcement and allows users to interact by commenting, liking or disliking, or even sharing the announcement with their contacts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Messenger or via email.

This demo was designed for mobile view as the majority of users will be accessing the Talanoa platform from their mobile phones because it is easily accessible. The commenting interface should be familiar with most users as it is similar to any social media platform like Facebook.

Sign on and Registration - http://sso.talanoa.link

An example of 2FA where a user is sent a code by email in order to confirm their registration.

Business Model

This app will become an essential part of PIANGOs day to day business as such, it should be made freely available to NGOs for contributions. PIANGO should tap into available grants for development and continued support and running of the app. The app must be the preferred tool by Regional organisations or NLU’s such that they would provide funds to support for their own goals. SDG goals. The communities that will use this app will be related to all 17 SDGs.

Adoption strategy

All announcement methods should be streamlined to this app. There will be a process of importing existing contact information from existing communications channels (email, phone, social media).

During initial periods users would be incentivised to visit, update their profile and contribute. This can include phone and food vouchers from sponsors.

A score board can be introduced to track top contributors and can be highlighted on the app. This is also called gamification where points are awarded for interacting with the app.

Other considerations

The best practice is to release software in stages and doing it early and often to ensure the users expectations are met. It's impossible to deliver a proper solution without user testing. This step is missing.

People don't like to or don't know how to install an app. Sometimes there's no more space on their device. Rather than build a phone specific app we focused on a mobile friendly web app as it is easily accessible.

Discussions can happen privately. It can happen offline. Offline discussions would be recorded by the PIANGO team for future reference and searches.

Our Team

Coming from combined experience of 40 years. You can trust our advice. We are team Please Work based in Samoa

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