Covid-19 rapidly overwhelms the health systems of countries where the disease is in full swing, such as Italy and Spain because of the resources required to treat symptomatic patients in a very short time. These European countries have a relatively developed system of access to health care, whereas in some African countries, particularly in the DRC, the lack of testing and access to health care is glaring. We must therefore use all possible resources to curb the entry and spread of Covid-19 in these countries while there is still time. Many young doctors in the country and those in the diaspora with their licenses to practice in their home countries can help to curb the pandemic. Many certified doctors are living in countries where they cannot practice, while they still have the right to practice in their home countries. They are an underutilized resource at a time when they are in great demand around the world.

WhatsApp has proven itself as a means of communication used in emerging countries, which could therefore be used to facilitate access to health information and a medical professional. There are over 200 millions whatsApp users in Africa.

What it does

Via our telemedicine platform called Talamed, young doctors and those from the Diaspora will be able to contribute to the Covid-19 response in their countries by helping with patient consultation and remote alerting.

We have created the TalaMed platform that will allow local patients to connect with doctors in the diaspora using text messages, WhatsApp or phone calls. Physicians can provide initial diagnoses, organize treatment and patient management. Through the platform, we can alert, track potential cases and analyze data to provide valuable information to local authorities that can help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

How I built it

We used messageBird to connect with whatsApp and having a centralize patients management system. Once patients are triage by agents in our platform, we use to allow them to have secure video or audio calls with doctors. We ask them questions about their location and other data to help the tracking effort for covid-19

How I built it

Mainly finding the right tools in order to built a solution that can quickly be production ready and be usable in countries with low internet connectivity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a solution that is almost production ready. We are only waiting to get approval for WhatsApp for business. We already have 2 doctors onboarded and ready to take patients.

What's next for TalaMed

We would like to raise money in order to scale the project. Once we have WhatsApp approval, we will start a pilot project in DRCongo. We have 2 certified doctors that are ready to take patients from that country. Our goal is to cover multiple African countries.

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