Like medical schools using the Rift and Leap to practice performing surgery, the members of Team Taklo were interested in exploring the potential of VR in education. They used their interests in personal finance and security to create Taklo. Taklo aims to increase people's awareness of ATM fraud and encourage more conscientious financial decisions.


Taklo uses the Rift to simulate making a transaction at an ATM. Using Capital One's Customer API, the user can make deposits and withdrawals from the ATM, as well as see more details about its location. Through EA Pathfinder, one can access and control the Unity game through their mobile device. More challenging levels would test the user's attention to detail as they avoid possible ATM fraud and losing their credit card.

Taklo uses a PHP script on a web server to power a dashboard that displays the user's history of transactions, as well as the time and news headlines. Taklo hopes to implement a feature that visualizes the user's data and analyzes the user's history of transactions and identify possibly "unhealthy" patterns in spending. It would also count how many times a user visits an ATM.

For the demonstration, the user is Blue Fairy.


Tommy Burns, Aashka Patel, Katie Tsai, Laura Tsai

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