Algeria is so big that its traditions differs from place to place, each of them is unique in their own way. They are a mix of Berber, Oriental and Mediterranean influences. Talented craftmen & craftwomen are inspired by the colors of mediterrnean sea and mountains, the shades of the saharah desert and the setting sun, the texture of the sand and the shapes of nature. But we’ve noticed that Algerian crafts are so little known internationally. Furthermore, artisans are having difficulty selling their unique and authentic products.

What it does

"Taklidi" which means "traditional" in arabic is an application that enables artisans to sell varied kinds of Algerian crafts to the whole world. The customer has the possibility to customize the product by specifying the size, the colors,the patterns etc. He can follow his favorite artisans, rate their work, comment it and find all the informations about the product, what it is made of, the story of its region and of the artisan.

The app includes a loyalty system, the gathered points can be transformed into gifts or reductions through a very interesting loyalty program.

It also includes an E-learning plateform where artisans make free or paid videos & courses. If the student wants to learn something in particular, he can request a course and If he becomes a partner and sells on our app he will benefecit from advantages. Theses features aim to encourage learning Algerian handicrafts and to ensure the perpetuation of traditional Algerian trades. We believe that the future of craft lies in nurturing talent, young people must be able to learn about traditional craft.

To sum up, our application aims to Sell, Learn, Build & Share Algerian handicraft.

How we built it

We built the website using J2EE and the mobile design using adobe xd.

Challenges we ran into

Our application has many features and we couldn't finish their implementation in a short time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an app that values Algerian traditional handmade crafts and empowers women entrepreneurship.

What we learned

Working in team, using git, gitkraken & deploying in Microsoft Azure.

What's next for Taklidi

We'll continue the development of the application and bring this project to fruition!

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