Living in a city like mumbai does make you realize how important the time is and a lot of time of our lives is wasted waiting in queues or waiting for cabs.

Consider a scenario where your house is in cst, you live far away from the station, and your office is in Andheri, also your office is a lil bit far from Andheri station so in order to reach your office you will have to take multiple modes of transport.

At first you'll have to wait for an auto in order to take you to the cst railway station this waiting time can be anything around 5-15 min. Again once you reach the railway station you have stand in a line a get ticket to go from cst station station to Andheri station, the waiting time in this activity can anywhere around 10-30 min now you travel from Andheri to cst staion

Once you’ve reached Andheri staition you again have to wait for an taxi or an auto rickshaw to get you to your office again it take around 5-15 min to get it. This all waiting time comes around 30 – 60 min. This is the time you are never getting back.


Using our solution you can pre book all the services you need in your travel be it auto, taxi,ola uber, local trains,buses everything. Once you have done this You just have to put in your pickup and drop location, your departure time date and the best possible route will be shown to you. Again there will be multiple choices transport choices that you can select and we will dicuss ffurther.

So if you want to travel from place A to place C Your tickets for traveling from place B to place C will be booked when you're just about to reach B so you'll be having a Cab/Bus/Ola waiting for you when you reach place B.

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