When you visit a new doctor, you need to tell him your entire medical history right from the start. This website simplifies that process for you.

What it does

  1. Maintain a medical history of every person registered on the website
  2. The person can see all of his medical history on his Dashboard Page with information such as date, infection/disease, and medicine taken, and whether that medicine worked for him/her or not
  3. The person can filter the list according to date and disease/infection and multiple other parameters
  4. Create a shareable PDF report which gives a better idea of the patient's medical history instantly and can be shared with doctors on the go
  5. The report will contain all of the person's medical history
  6. Maintaining a record of which medicine worked for the person at the time he had the disease
  7. So the next time he has it he does not need to recollect what medicine he took last time. He can directly see which medicines worked for him and which did not

How we built it

Built using Django for the backend and HTML and CSS for the frontend

Challenges we ran into

A lot of problems were faced while generating the PDF report

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone will be able to keep track of their health much better with the help of this website and also communicate with the doctor effectively

What we learned

Learned a lot about Web Hosting on Heroku

What's next for

Adding medicine reminders through messages soon... Better PDF reports with graphs and pie charts... Notifications for the person by analyzing data and telling him when he's the most vulnerable to a certain infection

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