Inspiration: One of the largest problems faced by the basketball community when planning to play is finding the perfect court. As a huge basketball fan, this is a problem I too have faced many times. Hence, the inspiration for this project was to come up with a solution to that problem.

What it does: Takeover allows users from all around the world to collectively populate a map with markers to create a system that optimizes users' basketball experience. Users are able to see the name, the address and pictures of a court of any court by simply clicking on the marker. Additional features such as the 0-5 Star rating system and the court availability status feature allow users to decide which court they should go to. Lastly the "I'm Here" feature allows users to see all the players that are currently at any particular court to build a fun and engaging community with people who share a similar passion for basketball.

How I built it: The application was built mainly with HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with Google Cloud's Maps and Geocoding APIs.

Challenges I ran into: Since this was my first time utilizing any of Google Cloud's services, it was a new learning experience to get tools to function the way I wanted them to. However, in the end, I learned a lot and look forward to using that knowledge in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I'm proud that I was able to include all the features that I planned to include and still get everything finished on time as that is not always something that is easy.

What's next for Takeover: In the future, I look to add a push notifications feature so that users can favourite a court and receive updates on their liked courts. This app will also be designed to be functional across multiple platforms ranging from smartphones to desktops to ensure accessibility.

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