Online classes are hard to focus on learning due to distractions, What about the missed topic due to the distraction ??Is watching the whole meeting once again is a good idea ?? So, we are on the project TakeNotes.

What it does

This is a AI based project that listens to the whole conversation in a online platform and take the notes to based on topic that are only relevant. This check the whole sentence by sentence and and group of sentence checking they re related or not and saving by removal of adjectives and visualization based on mapping

How we built it

We built the project using NLP and speech to text with reinforced learning. We check the related contents on the topic discussed and make them related using logical mapping based on the priority of the sentences

Challenges we ran into

After conversion of the speech to text ,further processing and refinement of sentence form the relevant field was a great mountain between us. Processing other local languages and searching the content into the web Ans relating it was a heavy duty .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are done with the English language speech to text and filtrations of the sentence to select only the relevant one

What we learned

We learned a lot while doing the project.NLP concepts and web scrapping was really funny at the project time

What's next for TakeNotes!

We are making better way to shorten the notes on different languages

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