How it works

Simply start typying the name of your favourite band, football team or theatre play and simple autosuggest will provide you list of matching results. You can select up to 12 events to search for. It's even simpler when you are music lover using Simply click on the option, type your username and we'll get the list of your favourite bands.

We'll search for events you may like and list them showing earliest first. When you'll find something really interesting like last gig of your favourite band reunited after years or the most exciting football match of the season - don't wait any longer and simply click TakeMeThere!

Now, you can plan your journey or just use default settings suggested for your location and event destination. You can also let us find you the cheapest hotels near the event site. Select the one you like, fill in the reservation form and book complete travel. It's just that simple!

What's next for TakeMeThere

We'd like to add more services (car transfers, car rentals) available for our clients with just one click to make their travel even more comfortable.

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