After more than two years working hard here, in a office, many cafes and countless lunches, there is no one to argue that we all end up going down at the same time. We estimate that the average coffee pick-up time can reach 10 minutes or even more during peak hours, and waiting for some food can sometimes take more than half an hour. We estimate that each of us spends an average of 15 minutes a day waiting in line. That is one hour and fifteen a week.

Well, we want to fix that! So what is our plan? We want to minimize the number of steps: eliminate the queue, order and pay on the fly, and schedule your breaks, so that instead of being late to office you can enjoy your coffee in peace. Our approach, to begin with, has been to create an application that allows you to order and pay for the best five-star products. For each of them, you can specify at what time you will come to pick them up and even request a monthly subscription from them! The application will let you know what and when to pick them up. This, we believe, will significantly reduce blockage in the bar and help bar owners plan the service. In these two days, we have done our best to make this happen.

What it does

Increase the effectiveness of the bar service.

How I built it

We have built a mobile application with React Native using Redux. This has been a challenge since it has been our first time using both these frameworks. For the API we have used Flask and Serveo.

Challenges I ran into

EY Increase the effectiveness of the bar service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Provide this tool for both EY partners and other companies to which it could be applied

What I learned

React Native using Redux, Flask and Serveo.

What's next for takeawEY

Built With

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