The idea for "Take Us" came from our personal need for this kind of social network. As we were planning our trip to Oxford, we failed to organize all ideas for all the different things that we could do. Although there are a lot of social networks out there, none provides the features that Take Us provides. We're aiming for groups of friends (2 and up) that want to make a trip, but have problems organizing it. Take Us also helps any kind of traveler to find good travel programs that other people already did, and liked. We are really proud of the Social Network aspect, which allows users to invite other people to a trip, post comments, rate trips and other comments. Also, the day-to-day planning allows people to create their own activities for the day, allowing other people to rate them. Last but not least, the use of Google's new Polymer allowed us to make a website that looks awesome both on computer and mobile! However, not all of those ideas could be implemented. We have almost all screens and maps working perfectly, but some social features could not be implemented on the webpage. Rating and commenting are not allowed yet (although implemented on the server-side), and interactions between users is limited. Overall, the project had a great start, but would need more time to complete. Making a social network in under 24 hours is definetely a challenge, but we're sure we did it as best as we could.

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