Inspiration: There are so many people that have the skills and experience but not the tools they need to publicize themselves. To connect a universal group of people for a equal opportunity. Individuals with skills that are out of the ordinary can find a home and a business in our community. You never know who is looking for what and being able to put your ideas out into the world without limitations can be the opportunity that everyone needs but not many offer. A place for people that don't wan to be tied down to one company, independent contractors.

What it does: There's people with jobs who don't have a voice our app will help them stand out. People looking for new experiences can use our app to find out what's going on around them. People can post many different kinds of events: Jobs, teachings, charities, etc This also acts like an online resume where user can gain (work) experience that will be published in their profile.

How I built it: Using Android Studio

Challenges I ran into: Learning how to work with servers and databases and learning Android Studio from scratch

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Quickly getting the hang of Java , server communication, coding an app.

What I learned: How to collaborate with a group of people.

What's next for Take One: Trying to make the user interface more accessible to users. Finding admins to monitor the community. Add a rating system for every user to let the community. We won't implement most popular to prevent favoritism. A favorites page will be available for individual use only as a way to bookmark users for later events and or recommendations.

GitHub Link: *We added the link as instructed for those whose submission timed out and were rejected by the deadline

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