Take-Off Performance miscalculations occur frequently and occur regardless of the aircraft type. These miscalculations are almost entirely due to human (Pilot) error and are prevalent in new generation aircraft. At least 50% of pilots surveyed by the French Applied Anthropology Laboratory, alluded that they had made incorrect entries during take-off performance calculations. However, most errors are detected through airline procedures. But on occasion, cross-checking procedures have proven to be inadequate in preventing errors, which eventually lead to incidents.

What it does

Take-Off Protect is a cloud-based platform that helps prevent take-off performance calculation errors. It provides a cross checking capability, acting as a safety net for cockpit crew. T-OP will utilise Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence. When Take-Off Parameters are entered into the Flight Management Computer (FMC) of an aircraft, it will run an analysis to ensure the take-off can be executed safely. Simply put, the FMC will have a direct datalink to T-OP.

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