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Going on a flight can bring much anticipation and excitement for anyone, however unfortunate life circumstances can force people to cancel their trips. Adding insult to injury, people have to jump through the labyrinth of cancelling the flight and dealing with monetary penalties.

Additionally, there are bargain hunters out there that would be happy to take someone’s flight if it means having a discount. We figured there is a way to connect these two personas and make for a win/win situation for all.

What it does TakeMyTrip allows for users to alleviate the pains of having to cancel a flight by connecting buyers and sellers of flights.

How we built it Our web application was built with an ASP.NET back-end framework with HTML/CSS front-end.

Challenges we ran into The biggest challenge that we went through was figuring out all the scenarios of cancellations and the current regulations involved with the process.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of Going straight to the source. As many famous startup advisors say, “Get out of the office”. Our first step was to take a train to the airport and talk to airline passengers and ask them about it. So many “entrepreneurs” think that they can solve problems from their own office, however an entrepreneur that is most aware of the world around him has a significant advantage.

What we learned We learned a lot about the needs of the customers. When we were looking for inspiration on what kind of problem we should solve, we went straight to the customer, the airport. We originally thought that organization of group trips would be the main issue of our customers, however they were very quick to tell us that the cancellation process was very difficult.

What’s next for Take My Flight If this business model proves to be successful, the same model can be applied to many more industries including activities, tours, and other accommodations.

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