As a team, we were interested in developing an app that helps people meet in unordinary ways. Through brainstorming, we all started talking about foods and the idea of meeting people based on food preferences.

What it does

Creates a profile that is sent to our backend application. Here a list of potential matches is generated based off of location, favorite foods, age, gender and interest in cooking or going out for food.

How we built it

For our database, we used MongoDB with a Node.js back-end. This was developed as a phone app, so the front-end is built in Swift and runs on iOS

Challenges I ran into

We had very little MongoDB experience, so properly setting up that database was a large hurdle for us. But by far the most challenging part was the front-end because we had no prior experience with doing API calls in Swift.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designed detailed mockups for future developments. Limited, but functional data communication between all parts of our app and it's AWS instances.

What's next for Take Me Out

We are interested in learning how to implement snapchat's bitmoji api's for clever user profiles. As well as the potential of re-developing the back-end with MongoDb's Stitch

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