One of the main problems with virtual reality is input. When you’re in a virtual world, you can’t see your mouse or keyboard, creating a unique opportunity for alternative inputs such as voice control and myo.

This is the principle from which we approached our project: an immersive travel experience. Our project serves two needs: becoming a familiar with the landmarks on a new route and virtual tourism (being able to more naturally experience another environment) and it is completely immersive. Initializing your experience begins with voice control.

After our initial research we found that there was surprisingly little implementation of Google Earth with Oculus Rift. The only websites we found didn’t allow for head tilt, and those that did required complicated downloads. In addition, we wanted to go beyond the basic implementation and make it into a tool for people to truly interact with the world. By pulling together multiple open source JavaScript libraries, we created a much more enjoyable experience and greatly expanded capabilities.

As street view technology becomes more advanced, the quality of immersive travel experience will only keep growing, and this is where it starts.

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