Inspiration came from the old escape room games where you are only given prompts about your current situation and no hints as how to fix your problem.

What it does

Drops the player in a VR room where there are a certain number of items, player can use those items to find a way out.

How we built it

We ended up not finishing the project, we were both new to Oculus and Unity and both produced quite a lot of headaches.

Challenges we ran into

The Oculus would not work for 24 hours until we eventually switched the computer we were working on. So we couldn't test the VR for a little while.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming to Quack Hack and having something to show for it, it was a really fun experience!

What we learned

Try to keep a realistic scope but still try for something that challenges you.

What's next for Take Inventory

Take Inventory needs to develop a way out as well as multiple levels. We need the objects to interact with other objects in the room. We plan to get it fully functional in the future!

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