Having lived in a rural area in India for most of my life, birth control and its many methods were very uncommon, to say the least. Growing up, I would see women become pregnant without the intention of doing so and as a result not having the financial means to take care of the child in a responsible manner. In addition to this, the unexpected child also limited the woman in what she could do, and to her was an additional responsibility. Similarly in the US, over 45 percent of pregnancies are not intended and threaten the potential parent's way of life. Having first-hand experiences like this in different parts of the world inspired our team to develop a website in which we raise awareness on what birth control is, the different methods of birth control, and the negatively connotated ideation of birth control due to growing political ideologies. We work to show that women can take control of their own lives in the best possible manner.

What it does

Our website combines two themes: female empowerment and health. The website starts with a menu bar at the top which displays the five sections of the website: Take Control (the company's name), About (stating our mission statement), Take the test (where users can take a multiple-choice test to see which method of birth control is right for the user), Different types (which displays all the types of birth control and the cost, function, administration, benefits, and side effects of each method) and the Our Team section which shows the lovely people who worked on this website. The highlight of the website is the personalized quiz that asks questions such as "do you have health insurance" "which administration do you prefer" "how forgetful are you" "are you comfortable with taking hormonal birth control" and "would you be comfortable with the surgical procedure", and etc to give you the best-prescribed method of birth control that is most specialized for the user.

How we built it

After attending We build the website using Visual Studio Code and HTML, Javascript, and CSS. After coding the website in portions we put the code into GitHub, so others could check, revise, and add to the code if needed.

Challenges we ran into

The design we made in Canva was very visually appealing but we didn't realize how hard it would be to code the product the same way we saw the design prototype. The design we had made initially had too many pictures incorporated in positions that were hard to attain when coding the actual website. Another challenge we ran into while coding was merging the different codes in git as all of our team members were inexperienced in using git and GitHub and had to use the knowledge we learned through the superposition workshops that were provided.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successful in creating a website that adequately shows the different types of Birth Control, and we collaborated coherently even though it was a fully virtual hackathon. This makes us more confident in our ability to work in highly distributed software teams. Additionally, it was the first time coding an application that uses different languages but in the end, we had a successful result.

What we learned

This was the first time we've collaborated on GitHub so much of our time was spent grappling with these technologies. Although the website has a long way to go from the prototype we've designed, we learned a great deal and are excited to continue developing our ideas even after this hackathon concludes. Additionally, this was the first time we used Canva to design a website. After watching many youtube videos, we finally grasped how to make a template for the website we wanted to design.

What's next for Take Control

We hope to work on mobile apps that work to empower females, especially in the health aspect. One idea we didn't get to in this hackathon was menstruation and periods. In the future, we hope to develop an app that informs teens about signs that mean their period is coming and how to take care of themselves if it does occur! We also hope to make a website alongside of this to show that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to periods as a whole!

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