Take Control

Birth control solutions and resources via a web app

There are so many birth control options out there, but most women don't know a whole lot about them.

A lot of factors can affect the decision to stick with a certain kind of birth control, both personal and physical. However, a lot of people do not know that there are afforadable birth control options beyond the more well-known ones.

The Take Control Quiz helps women determine what is right for them.

The quiz within this application utilizes multiple questions and a weighting system for these questions to determine what birth control method might be a good fit. If a user isn't completely happy with their option, she has the ability to explore all the options in order to make an informed decision for herself.

This web application utilizes the following tools and frameworks: Node.js, Express, jQuery, Typeform API, Heroku

Next steps:

There's more to come for Take Control. Some of the ideas we are thinking of to be a better resource:

  • Providing locations of Planned Parenthood, Pharmacies, and Doctors near you
  • An anonymus form in order to converse with users of different types of birth control in order to find out more about other women's experiences
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