Getting into skin care can be overwhelming because there is too much information out there that it can make it a bit hard to know where to start from. Also, sometimes it's difficult to find accurate information on products specific to each skin type. We believe everyone should have basic knowledge of skin care as it is one of our largest organs. This knowledge includes knowing your own skin type and what products to use according. And what better way to self care than being kind and caring to our skin especially during these hard and uncertain times. Incorporating a skin care routine not only helps the skin long term but can help boost self confidence. We wanted to create a website where we make it fun to learn about skin care through quizzes and giving them a starting skin care routine followed by some articles and youtube channels where they can find out more information if they would like to. We made it in a quiz style so the information can be easier to learn and remember. In addition the user can take the quiz again to see how much they learned the first time.

What it does

Provides a fun and interactive way of learning more about skin care in general and about how to appropriately take care of your own skin type. It allows the user to take a skin type quiz to help them determine their skin type and based on those results it recommends them some skin care products for all three essential skin care steps (cleansing, moisturizing and SPF). If they already know their skin care type they can skip straight to the recommendation page. There is also a basic skin care quiz that tests the user in a fun informative way. And lastly we provide an extra page called "More Information" where they can click on an article to read more topics about skincare or click on a Youtube video or the name of the channel where it will take them directly into the channel or video.

How we built it

We first organized our ideas and decided what was gonna be included in the website and then separated it into different pages. After that we started building a design using Figma software and tried building the website in HTML,CSS,JS with visual studio.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the days we faced a lot of uncertainties. Some of these uncertainties are the following: deciding on an idea, picking a platform all the team members possessed and someone on the team had a working knowledge of , time management, different time zones, internet crashing, problems with visual Studio collaboration. We tried using VS code to program the application using HTML, CSS, and Javascript however we were having some technical difficulties collaborating in that platform and we realized our time was running out so we decided to stick with Figma at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to combine our skill sets to successfully produce a prototype in Figma. We were also able to make new connections and learn skills from people from different backgrounds.

What we learned

We learned how to use a new software, Figma, as well as learning a bit of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. That working online as a team can sometimes be a bit more challenging than working in person. And that ime management and task prioritization are important when working with a team.

What's next for Take Care

We started thinking about using VS Code and learning more about Javascript so transferring our website to VS Code to add more features and more content and hopefully publish eventually in order to share our skin care knowledge with everyone who is interested.

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