We wanted to explore barriers to adventure rather than just adventure. We felt that enabling people to overcome those barriers would be the most useful way to fufill the theme of adventure.

What it does

The app is a tech demo of a digitization of immersion therapy where the player can interact with a safe environment and explore outside of their comfort zone in a controlled environment.

How We built it

We created C# scripts in VSCode, custom assets and textures in Blender, and assembled everything in the Unity Game Engine where we utilized the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Challenges We ran into

The primary challenge was learning a new system of development, namely Unity, while also being under a severe time crunch. We had plans for a multi scene hierarchy to play through but were only able to assemble one scene.

What's next for Take Air

Continued development of the Agoraphobia immersion therapy level with quest implementation and multiple scenes.

Built With

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