Our group feels strongly about volunteering and serving our society. This project is borne out of the need we have felt from our own experiences. When searching for volunteering opportunities or trying to connect to Non Government Organizations, NGOs for short, we felt there was a lack of a proper service which would streamline this process.

What it does

Our only option here is to search the internet for the details of each NGO one by one, go through their site, figure out if they will help us work for the causes we feel strongly about, and finally try to find out if the NGO has any offices in the city. As cumbersome as this process sounds, it actually is. So, as a solution to this, we have developed our very own website, “Take A Step”, which brings everything together in one place. A user can not only look for different NGOs working in various different fields but also can use the website to ask for help. Our chatbot makes it easier than ever to interact with our website to get whatever the user wants, in a really clear and concise manner. We also provide the facility to register a new NGO on our website or verify an existing one.

How we built it

Aditi focussed on developing the layout of the website using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript while Tarun worked on the Ada Chatbot to make Dovey and Vansh worked on the NGO Database using CloudSQL. Trishir collected the required data from the internet for our website and categorized it appropriately for it to be fed into the database and the website.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the chatbot to the database was a challenge for Vansh. He scoured through several video tutorials and documentations to make this work. Meanwhile, Tarun continued to work on Dovey (the chatbot). Trishir also worked on a neural search feature for the website using Jina, however due to some technical problems with dual booting could not continue with the feature in time. Therefore, shifting his focus to the final presentation of the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We planned really high for our project and tried our best to give it real-time support. For most of us, this was our very first Hackathon, and we had lots of fun putting our skills to real-life use. There were a lot of fun and frustrating challenges, but we all learned a lot and this would be a memorable experience for us.

What we learned

Tarun: I focused on building a chatbot using Ada, training it with several prompts, and integrating it into our website. Vansh: CockroachDB, CloudSQL, Flask, and connecting NodeJS with Python. Aditi: Full-stack web development using HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, React, php, and NodeJS Trishir: Jina, Logo development through Photoshop, Video Editing through Premiere Pro.

What's next for take-a-step

We plan on improving our project, by employing web scrapping programs in combination with ML summarization algorithms to update our CloudSQL database with information about different newly registered NGOs automatically, like, their field of work, their current operational centers, etc.

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